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In the Roaring Twenties, young Ava is very unlucky in love. Using the power of seduction, she learns many difficult lessons that ultimately inspire resilience and strength.


‘Ava’ is on tour with highlighted destinations for 2022 including:

      London Book Fair, Public Library Association in Oregon, US Book Show NYC, American Library Association Washington DC, Beijing International Book Fair, and Frankfurt, Germany.



The Montaigne Medal Finalists
First Horizon Award Finalist & Winner

Eric Hoffer Award Winner – Romance Category

Eric Hoffer Award Grand Prize Short List



“Ava, a young woman in the Roaring Twenties, seeks happiness, but ends up becoming a prisoner in a biased society.  Follow her turbulent journey.”

-The New York Times

“The story gets more attention-grabbing with the twists and turns in the main characters’ lives. The reader gets to experience a series of varied sentiments- especially during emotional scenes….Janet Perroni is a remarkable author. The plot was exceptional and fascinating too, resulting in a STAR  review.”

– Aaron Washington, Pacific Book Review

“Ava’s story is rich with historical detail and captures a woman’s choices through limited opportunities imposed on her by tradition and religion. Ava’s beauty and sexual allure are the guiding forces of her life and lead her to extremes of great sorrow and dazzling ecstasy.  Perroni presents these highs and lows in lush, extravagant sexual detail, exploring themes of pleasure and power.”

– Michelle Jacobs, The U.S. Review of Books