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After World War I, follow Ava the daughter of an Irish immigrant family in America at the height of the Roaring Twenties, looking for love. Quickly, Ava has her first romantic encounter with a suave, handsome sailor. She becomes pregnant with his child just before his ship departs. Their love was never meant to last, and Ava is now an unwed mother struggling to survive.

Following abuse and a series of bad decisions, Ava comes to learn the power of her own sexuality. She uses her beauty and body as tools to get what she needs, but this dangerous lifestyle cannot last. She returns home to her family only to fall prey to yet another ill-advised affair that takes her to Italy but leads to more heartbreak.

Alone, Ava fights the stigmas of society. She battles to maintain a delicate balance between motherhood and independence in an antiquated world that loves to shun. Life offers many forks in the road, and we must choose our path. Although Ava’s path is twisted and rife with despair, she finds the strength to stand on her own.

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